RUSHWORKS provides several innovative and practical solutions to enhance your operations workflow.
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A-LIST provides every feature you need for 24/7 automation, supporting SD and HD on up to four independent channels. Whether you’re a traditional TV broadcaster, or want to start an Internet TV station, this ‘powerfully simple’ solution gets it done.
The A-ZONE digital signage engine supports SD and HD clip and graphics playback, RSS feeds, and optional live input. Manage dozens of signage displays from a centralized content storage and management workstation (wired or wireless).
A-LIST Event Recorder features the A-LIST scheduling interface, but without the associated playback functions. It supports AV router control for scheduled input selection, and accepts analog or digital input sources.
DAYSHIFT is a versatile platform that supports three functions; recording, single file playback, and digital “timeshifting”. Record manually or with a scheduled start time; search for and play individual files; or start playback while the file is still encoding.
The VDESK Integrated PTZ Production Systems include switcher, effects, transitions and Chroma key, with local encoding and streaming functions. They include 23” touch screens and support 4, 8 or 12 SDI or analog inputs.
REMO is the portable version of VDESK and is available in two configurations: UBEREMOTE and ISOTOWER. They support 4 or 8 SDI or analog inputs, and interface with most PTZ cameras as well as RUSHWORKS’ PTX Universal PanTilt.
ANYSCREEN is a monthly stream hosting subscription service that converts your uploaded streaming signal for delivery to virtually all media devices, including PC, iOS, Android, Roku and more.
STREAMSOURCE is a hardware streaming engine that supports multiple channels, resolutions, and multiple stream output formats. Just connect your existing sources and stream away.
SegmentR PRO includes nine enhanced features, including the RUSHWORKS Audio Compander – a 2 pass algorithm for peak limiting and compression for constant level output. LKFS Normalization or True Peak output assures CALM Act compliance.
TalkingPoints captures and streams live presentations using up to three PTZ cameras. It uses HD Picture-in-Picture formatting to display PowerPoint and similar graphics … and two independent windows for the presenter and panelists. No camera operators required!
LOCKED ON is an object tracking solution that controls one or more PTZ cameras. It uses multiple RFID transceivers that allow the cameras to automatically follow single or multiple moving targets in three-dimensional space.
DIJIT File Encoder is a simple, easy to use MPEG-2/MPEG4 SD and HD encoder. Just connect an SDI or HDMI source, select the input type, specify the encoding bitrate, and enter a file name. Press RECORD button … and press STOP when you’re done.
AgendaPrep is a text formatting utility that converts typical meeting agenda items from Word, html or xml into screen-ready PNG files for display during meetings. Avoid hours of retyping with this handy utility.
SegmentR is a stand-alone utility for transcoding many file formats into MPEG-2 or H.264, and for creating “virtual segments” as metadata that are stored within a file. You can also save marked segments as multiple, individual files.