PTX – 2 Universal Pan Tilt head ( Support cameras up to 10kg’s )


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The Rushworks PTX Model 2  is  designed to integrate with larger cameras and camcorders up to 10kg’s  that support VISCA, LANC and analogue remote protocol.

In addition to pan and tilt, the PTX fixtures provide control of zoom, focus, iris, and record start/stop as well as full VISCA CCU control of cameras like the AJA RovoCam that support the full

VISCA command set. The PTX 2 -unit chassis supports the following connections and protocols

  • SDI IN and OUT • HDMI OUT • DMX IN and OUT • VISCA IN and OUT • 2.5mm LANC connector • 2.5mm and 3.5mm Panasonic REMOTE connectors • RS232 to cams • RS422 to cams
  •  RS485 to cams •  Multiple PTX units can be daisy chained and controlled separately
  • PTX 2 does not provide power to cameras.


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