The Abekas Mira Server comes in two models to best match your live television production needs


Producing instant replay of live televised sporting events is always a fast-paced and demanding endeavor. Reliability, instant responsiveness, superior image quality and interoperability within the production workflow are critical requirements.

Mira INSTANT REPLAY takes on these tasks and more—since this model of Mira is optimized to handle the very high bandwidth demands of non-stop recording from multiple cameras, with simultaneous instant replay on one or two output video channels


A multitude of features are tailored to provide comprehensive, fast and efficient instant replay operations:

Active Instant Replay into recorded live video streams provides quick and simple instant replay without the need to “clip off” anything.

Live Input Camera Switching on the active replay channel allows instant live switching between recorded camera angles during live replay or during clip playback, which streamlines replay operations.

Flexible “Clipping” Operations with four methods of clipping off content provided, including one in which IN and OUT points can be auto-marked and the clip saved with just one button press.

List Play provides the ability to stack up clips in the order defined, and to play them out with cuts or dissolves between clips.

Highlights Melt with high-speed media file export gets highlights clip content from any number of play lists into self-contained media files with MOV & MXF file wrappers. File encoding uses popular video codecs that are widely adopted throughout the television industry.


FLEXIBLE OPERATIONS for Live Instant Replay

The video hardware in Mira can be instantly configured by the user to fit the live instant replay needs of the day:

Two to Six Cameras can be continuously recorded without interruption, with one or two replay video channels. Both cut and dissolve transitions between two replay channels are supported.

Stereoscopic 3D is a standard feature in every Mira INSTANT REPLAY server. With just a click of a mouse, you’ll be operating Mira in 3D.

PVW/PGM or PGM/PGM Operation is crucial; some replay operators prefer “PVW/PGM” output with cuts and dissolves in the replay server; others want “PGM/PGM” output with cuts and dissolves taking place in the downstream vision mixer. Mira INSTANT REPLAY handles both styles of replay operation.

Super Slow Motion Cameras are recorded with optional software in the Mira INSTANT REPLAY server. Both “2X” and “3X” super slow motion cameras are supported. In the 8-channel server, two 3X cameras with two replay channels with dissolves is possible.


A variety of tasks must be performed during live television productions; whether based in the studio or in the confines of a mobile television production truck. Recording and playback of multiple high-quality video signals is an essential requirement, along with fast media file ingest and export.

The Mira PRODUCTION server is tailored for all of these live television production tasks, with optional features available for specific operational environments. With flexibility as a primary feature, the Mira PRODUCTION server is sure to fit your needs.


Mira streamlines LIVE PRODUCTION

A multitude of features are tailored to provide comprehensive, fast and efficient live television production operations:

Animated Switcher Transitions Need to play out switcher-triggered animated transitions containing video, key and audio—along with a couple of animated backgrounds during a live television production? The Mira PRODUCTION server can handle that; no sweat. And fast media file import makes it a breeze.

On-Set Plasma Screen Feeds Is your production set decorated with multiple plasma or LCD screens, displaying animated “eye candy” graphics and on-camera talking heads? The “Flipper” option makes life so much simpler; each video output can be rotated by 90° or 270°, cropped and sized to properly orient this content to fit in vertically mounted on-set screens.

Synchronized Multi-Screen Playback Record and playback a multi-stream “ISO” clip, which is a single clip file that contains up to eight video streams. Since only one ISO clip is needed, clip load and play control is from one RS422 port; providing 100% guaranteed synchronized playback of all video streams. No more headaches of loading and sync-rolling multiple video channels!

SD, HD & 3D VTR Replacement Why cripple your production operations with sluggish VTRs when you can jet-streamline your workflow with Mira PRODUCTION servers? Each video channel can be used both for record and playback, always matching the video channel function to the need at hand.

Stereoscopic 3D Is found as a standard feature in every Mira PRODUCTION server. With just a click of a mouse, you’ll be operating Mira in 3D.

Media File Import & Export The Mira PRODUCTION server easily plugs into a file-based workflow, importing and exporting some varieties of self-contained media files at speeds much faster than real-time. Now that’s fast and efficient!

List Play Arrange clips into a playlist to play clips in the order defined. Playlists are easily created with simple and intuitive drag-and-drop operation; and even while a playlist is being aired, users can re-arrange, delete or add new clips to the stack yet to be aired in the active playlist!